Our efficient and robust customer request process ensures you get exactly the product you want, quickly and efficiently

William Blythe’s experience of working with customers on a wide range of projects has enabled us to develop an efficient and robust approach to customer requests (see diagram). This ensures that we provide you with a product optimised for your end-use requirements in the most efficient manner. Where the request is for a new chemical, or a new physical specification for an existing product, we will assess how we can employ the various synthetic techniques in our portfolio to manufacture the required chemical. A variety of purification techniques will be evaluated to ensure the product meets the demands of the application, and we will use our analytical expertise to develop characterisation methods to ensure we understand the product. Where needed, post-synthesis enhancements will be considered to alter the product form. This may include some form of coating to reduce chemical hazards, or a post-processing step to alter physical characteristics such as density, where it is inappropriate to do this by first intent. William Blythe also has experience in closed loop recycling, which is often of benefit to our iodine derivative customers.

Our approach to working with customers is flexible where required. For example, some customers may only require assistance at a later part of the cycle, such as a post-synthesis enhancement to an existing product. In other instances, the customer may have a clear understanding of the performance their product needs to exhibit, but be flexible about the actual chemical itself. William Blythe is experienced in working with customer requests across a wide spectrum of details and stages in a customer’s product development cycle. If you would like to discuss working with William Blythe to develop the materials you need, please get in touch.

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