High quality graphene oxide available as a dispersion, freeze-dried powder and flake

Since two scientists from the University of Manchester won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of graphene in 2010, research into its potential applications has increased dramatically. Graphene oxide is a two-dimensional honeycomb framework of carbon atoms, with a variety of oxygen functional groups decorating the surfaces. William Blythe has invested in an accelerated R&D programme to ensure that the global demand for consistently high quality graphene oxide can be met.

William Blythe can supply graphene oxide as a 1% aqueous dispersion (10 mg/mL), a freeze-dried powder and as a flake. These products are ideally suited for use as a precursor material to graphene itself, as well as in applications that exploit its unique properties, such as water filtration. As a two-dimensional material, the potential uses for graphene oxide are incredibly diverse. William Blythe is relishing the challenge of working with customers over the coming years to help them exploit the true potential of this unique material.

To purchase small volumes of graphene oxide, please visit our online webshop, or get in touch and we will pass your enquiry to your local business manager. For larger volumes, please email us directly and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements.

Product forms

William Blythe’s standard graphene oxide products include a 1% aqueous dispersion, a flake and a freeze dried powder. The team at William Blythe are working on the development of new grades of graphene oxide in collaboration with customers, please get in touch to learn more.

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